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Board Members 


Fernanda Noronha


Fernanda Noronha is a Brazilian singer and songwriter, cultural producer, and cultural columnist. She has a Bachelor in Economics (FACCEBA at Bahia) and she also has a Bachelor degree in Portuguese Literature and English Letters (Federal University at Bahia) she also has been one of the biggest activists with a purpose to spread Brazilian Culture around the world.  
She is the winner of 12 awards throughout her career, highlighting the "Brazilian International Award" By Focus Brazil Foundation (USA) she is also the winner of the 2018 and 2015 for “Best Female Singer" and the winner of "Best Show of The Year" for 2017.  In 2018, Fernanda was also honored by Focus Brazil as an "International Ambassador for Brazilian Arts and Culture ". 
In 2019, Fernanda was honored with two more important recognitions. She received the “Héroe de la Cultura” award (Culture’s hero) by Telemundo Atlanta (GA) and she was honored as “Commander” of Bahia State by The Legislative Assembly of Bahia (ALBA) (GA), the highest award given by the Legislative Assembly, dedicated to citizens who render services considered relevant to the state of Bahia. 
Recently, in 2021, she was honored with "Ibero-American Award for Culture and Arts for Peace" by FIBAC Brasil.





Peu Pereira is a music producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, musical researcher, writer and cultural producer and he has been developing Cultural Exchange projects, Social projects and Phonographic projects in order to expose Brazilian Culture and Brazil's positive image in the world.  
His curriculum includes his signature as a music producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist in various music productions of various artists nationally known in Brazil, through his own producer and Recording studio “Pulsom Productions” that has a new office in Georgia, United States. 
With a brilliant career, Peu recently released his first authorial work as a solo instrumentalist in the United States, with a beautiful show at High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA, on December 2020. 
A close student of Brazilian musical rhythms, Peu is writing his first book, entitled "Spelling Book on the Musical Staff - Drums on the strings: Northeastern Rhythms", that will include illustrative examples with sheet music of the songs of the EP "Origins Without Borders".

Foto Cris Cia Brasil Magazine.jpg


With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and specialization in Marketing & Publicity, the CEO and Executive Director of Cia Brasil Atlanta Magazine and Brazil Media Group, Cristiane Pope, is a prominent figure in the main events involving the Brazilian community in the state of Georgia.

Cristiane is also part of the first group of founders of the Rotary Club Atlanta Brazil. She is an honorary member and collaborator for the Cobb County Police's Community Affairs, as a “Liason” of the Portuguese-speaking community and is a board member of support group for women (GAMU). She has also been a member of the Official Brazilian Citizens Council of Atlanta since 2008.

As one of the biggest promoters and supportive of the positive image of Brazil in the United States, Cristiane is, without a doubt, a well-respected professional in the field of Marketing in the state of Georgia among the Brazilian, Latin, and American local communities. This credibility has guaranteed the success of the events that she has been coordinating and/or supporting throughout of her professional trajectory for the past 14 years.

Marketing Director


Shirley Oliveira graduated in Psychology from University Newton Paiva, Brazil and she is a volunteer secretary who put in countless hours to support and advance the organization. 

Shirley Oliveira


Geisa Cristina.jpg

Geisa Cristina studied Business Administration at Georgia State University and she is a volunteer providing translation, assistance with production of events and artistic assistance services to support and advance the organization. 

Geisa Cristina dos Santos

Special Events Assistant

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