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Let’s Go Arts presents the project “Let’s learn!”

“Let’s Learn” is a cultural and educational project dedicated to children that, through music, presents themes relevant to society, such as civic awareness; encouraging healthy hygiene and eating habits; awareness about principles and construction of values, in addition to themes relating to the area of ​​education, such as mathematics, being brought through a playful, light and fun language.
Presented by Let’s Go Arts, the project contains 5 tracks in voice and guitar, in Portuguese and English, which will be released through the label and record label Pulsom Records, with all the songs composed and performed by artists Fernanda Noronha & Peu Pereira. Peu also signs all of the musical production and arrangements for the project.
The album will be recorded at the “Pulsom” studio, based in the United States, and its release is scheduled for the first half of 2024, on the “Sounds of the World” channel, with significant promotion on the main digital platforms and its profits will be directed to continuity of the activities that the nonprofit “Let's Go Arts” has been carrying out.

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- Civil Rights

Sing, Think and Let’s Go!


Unfortunately racial disparities stills persist around the world and it is very important to spread around the world the importance to combat racism and to raise awareness of the importance of the struggle for equality of civil rights.
Transforming peoples feelings of anger, sadness and hopelessness into concrete actions that can make the world m
ore equitable is a vital teaching opportunity that we develop through making music.
This program consists to combat racism around the world and also to honor American activists who fought for civil rights. This project consists to make recordings of songs and video clips talking about the activists from United States and their important stories, in 3 different languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

Through the songs, we also can teach people about citizenship and that there is something you can do when faced with injustice. This project also brings opportunities for people to think critically, to care about activism and to talk with others about the topic, inciting quick and possible effective actions of change in the communities around the world.

- Music Classes
This program consists to provide music classes  and creative online courses at no cost to the students. (Acoustic guitar, voice classes, bass classes, guitar and Workshops)
Capa WORKSHOP  Ritmos Nordestinos Baião


Through studies and his musical experiences along their professional careers, in addition to the fascination with the universe of Brazilian music, especially the rhythms of African nuances, the multi-instrumentalist and composer Peu Pereira and the singer and songwriter Fernanda Noronha present the workshop “ Brazilian Rhythms – Sounds of Northeast of Brazil”.

The rhythms of the Afro-Brazilian universe chosen and that will be presented at this workshop are: Sambas, where Samba is divided into Kabila, Samba-de-roda and Samba Reggae; Baião, Xaxado and Maracatu, the latter being divided into: “Maracatu Nação” (Baque Virado) and Maracatu Rural (Baque Virado).

In this workshop was developed to service to music schools and programs, colleges and all those interested in Brazilian Culture.

With the purpose of spreading Brazilian music, the workshop allows participants, moments of culture exchange and experimentation of the exposed content, in this case, the six rhythms approached, in a relaxed and informative way.

The Four days workshop provides students (1 hour class per day), in very interactive classes, in which participants are invited to try and know the content, through instruments such as: the voice, the guitar and “atabaques” and even sounds using one's own body.


Most of us have probably experienced some form of vocal strain after we've pushed our voices past their limit and to use the voice efficiently and safely is very important, especially for the professional voice users.
Learning how you can train the body to work efficiently to produce the sounds you're after is really necessary and you can exercise control over how we speak, improve effectiveness and do so with confidence.
This workshop is presented through 2n modules and each module lasts 4 weeks (1 hour each meeting), in presentations given in a very interactive way, in which participants are invited to experience and learn a little more about Vocal technique, Vocal heating, Body Posture and Voice project for Speaking and Singing.
This workshop was developed to service to music schools and programs, theatrical, film and recording producers, personal managers, churches music coral, professional voice users and all those interested in the voice, by providing basic training and techniques to relax, strengthen and develop the voice.
It is worth mentioning that this workshop was prepared in 2 modules, with the themes: Module 1 - "The Voice", which aims to bring informative and educational content to improve the performance of singers (Beginners or professionals) and professional voice users, through practical activities and module 2 - "Behind the Scenes of Music", dedicated for musicians, which proposes to participants technical activities essential for excellence in the process of assembling a show and recording (EP, CD, DVD Etc.).


- Series Sounds of Brazil 


About the series "Sounds of Brazil", it is a program of events audiovisuals dedicated to the promotion of Brazilian Culture Abroad, realized by nonprofit Let's Go Arts and Sugarloaf Productions. 

This series aims to focus on every aspect of Brazilian culture, always addressing a musical genre at each edition, as a way to rescue and preserve the cultural identity of Brazil, encompassing several spheres artistic, such as music, dance, theater, literature and the arts in general. 

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