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 2020 - Let's Go Arts had also been developing some social actions to help the Georgia Community, especially to support the less fortunate people during the pandemic, like the campaign "United against Covid-19 - The show must go on”, which goal was to help many families of the Georgia Community that were suffering the impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic to survive and to have a support. 

* 2020 - Let's Go Arts also realized some projects whose goal were to promote the Brazilian Culture like the events "Brazilian Independence Week" and "Brasil Nordestino", from the series "Sounds of Brazil". 

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Brazilian Independence Week

The first event in the “Sounds of Brazil” series took place the week that Brazilian’s Independence was celebrated, between the 7th and 12th of September 2020, with the “Brazilian Independence Week” event, with the theme “Samba".

In this edition, personalities from Brazil told a little about the “Samba” universe and the relationship of this musical genre within their professional activity, in addition to its importance as an instrument of socialization and national identity and also about the importance of promoting Brazilian culture in foreign lands.

Among the various guests of this project, the audiovisual program of the week commemorating Independence counted with special participations by big names, such as artists Jota Veloso, Roberto Mendes, Raimundo Sodré, cultural manager Nilcemar Nogueira (granddaughter of the singer and composer Cartola and Museu do Samba), the flag bearer Marcella Alves, which belongs to the “Escola de Samba Salgueiro” (elite group of the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro), the phonographic producer Nilton Ribeiro of the record company OBI Music, the former dancer and former Olodum’s artistic director Euzébio Cardoso, among other big names.

This event was presented by Band International Television with Let's go Arts, had the cultural support of the Consulate General of Brazil in Atlanta, Sugarloaf Entertainment Productions, Cia Brazil Magazine, BACC (Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of the Southeast), BRZ Productions, Brazilian Foundation’s nonprofit, among other important institutions, and ended with the “”, live show with Fernanda Noronha & Peu Pereira

Brasil Nordestino

The first edition of this event took place between the 26th and the 31st of October 2020, the month in which the "Northeast Day" is celebrated was carried out by the nonprofit Let's Go Arts Brazilian Foundation and had the cultural support of the Sugarloaf Entertainment Productions, “Brazilian Foundation” nonprofit, Consulate General of Brazil in Atlanta, BACC (Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of the Southeast), Cia Brazil Magazine, Cafe com Shah, among other important institutions.

The purpose of the event was to disseminate Brazil's rich Northeastern cultural heritage throughout the world, through testimonies and artistic manifestations of important personalities in various cultural spheres, such as music, dance, literature, gastronomy, among others, who spoke about the importance of the traditions of the Northeast of Brazil, giving prominence in music and dance to “Forró”.

Watch our playlist below and be sure to subscribe on the channel to watch again and again!

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