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CD Aquela Ritmia Fernanda Noronha

CD Music.

Aquela "Ritmia” is a four songs EP produced by Khari Simmons Cabral and Darren Benjamin, with guest artists including Rafael Pereira, Julius Speed, Chocolat Costa, and also Khari Cabral Simmons. The album was released under Tribo Records label, in association with Ropeadope an. The EP was due for worldwide release on December 4, 2015.


CD Fernanda Noronha (Album Aquela Ritmia) with 4 music.


1 - Beco do Mocó

2 - Vou

3 - Aquela "Ritmia"

4 - Não sou mais de mim

CD Aquela Ritmia Fernanda Noronha

SKU: 002
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